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"What is Church?"

"Oh, Taste and See ... the Lord is Good!"

The "Church" is NOT the meeting building, although in the Church they usually meet in a building.

The "Church" is NOT the work of men and women, although men and women work in the Church and are used by God as His vessels and instruments in proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ.

The "Church" is NOT a social club, although many of our most important and meaningful relationships will be built among those we worship in the Church.

The "Church" is NOT a show, although the Spirit of God will demonstrate the Power and Majesty of it to a people who are truly hungry for God's justice.

"Church" is NOT a spectator sporting event, although many times we will be actively involved in the excitement of what God is doing in the midst of His people.

The "Church" is NOT to be "pulpit led" to the exclusion of the Believer's service to God and the Body, although it MUST be "pulpit directed" to ensure proper order and function.

The Church IS a place where men and women of God come together to minister to more than just a few souls at a time.

The Church IS an assembly of people who have confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and who desire to grow in maturity and stature according to the Word of God.

The Church IS a place where believers acknowledge that “all have sinned” and a place where we are to encourage one another in “good works” and uphold and support one another in prayer and fellowship.

The Church IS a place where believers can come and openly demonstrate their love for Jesus Christ and can receive forGIVEness and be cleansed of sin without ridicule or shame.

The Church IS a place where believers can move into a higher and deeper realm of prayer, worship and service and will be empowered and released to minister to others in the world around them.

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