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A Call to All Passionate Christian Prayer Warriors, Worshipers, Musicians, Singers, Technicians and
Those Who Want to Serve and Lead in Ministry!

Join our Vibrant Worship Team at a New Start-up Church in Stockton, California!


Are you passionate about music, worship, and spreading the message of Christ? We are seeking skilled and dedicated individuals to be a part of our dynamic worship experience at our newly established church in Stockton. If you have a heart for worship and desire to use your gifts to inspire and lead others, we invite you to join our team.


  • Position: Christian Prayer Warriors, Ushers, Greeters, Teachers, Worshipers, Musicians, Singers, and Audio-Visual Technicians

Musicians and Singers: As we write, record and distribute all our own music, you'll have the exhilarating opportunity to bring fresh, original compositions to life, resonating with hearts both near and far.

"Sight Reading" is NOT as beneficial to what we do as much as "Ear Training" and having a "feel for the flow" of where the Spirit is moving next!  (If you are not sure of what this means ... no worries.  You will pick this up under the anointing.)

As a Christian worshiper, musician or singer, you will have the incredible opportunity to inspire our congregation through heartfelt worship and praise. Whether you're skilled in playing instruments or gifted with a powerful voice, we welcome individuals who can help create an atmosphere of spiritual connection and transcendence.  You may be asked to Lead and accompany Contemporary worship with a variety of instruments, vocals, and harmonies.

Audio-Visual Technicians: Play a vital role in creating an immersive worship experience, skillfully managing state-of-the-art equipment to transport our congregation into a realm of divine connection.

Do you possess technical expertise in audio and visual equipment? Are you passionate about creating immersive experiences that enhance our worship services? We are seeking talented audio-visual technicians to help us produce engaging visuals, crystal-clear sound, and seamless technical support, ensuring a memorable experience for our congregation.

Prayer Warriors:  Everything that we do at New Harvest Revival Center is first birthed and then saturated in PRAYER!  If you have the anointing, the calling and the leading of the Spirit of God ... reach out to us!  (You may have noticed that everything in this section is "resting" upon the foundation of the Prayer Warrior!)

Ushers, Teachers and Greeters:  These positions are vitally important in our Church and you w1ll work closely with the Pastors to assure that each Visitor has the best experience that we can offer them and that each Member will have their needs and concerns addressed and taken care of!


These Ministry Positions insure that every service runs smoothly and cohesively.  You will be responsible for adherence to Leadership Guidance as well as being able to accomodate the changing demands of live Spirit-filled Revivals!  You are the "behind-the-scenes" muscle and support of the Pastors and will be the "Right Hand" of Leadership.

  • All Positions General Requirements:

- A profound devotion to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and an intimate understanding of the power of worship.

- "The Faithful will be made Able" (2 Timothy 2:2). Musical virtuosity or vocal prowess, allowing you to craft enchanting melodies and harmonies that touch souls and inspire transformation, is NOT a requirement.  Rather, we are looking for faithful, committed, humble, servant-minded Believers who want to honor the Lord with their gifts and talents.  The Holy Spirit is the One Who will annoint and empower.

- Experience and proficiency in your respective field (especially musicians/singers/audio-visual technicians). 


- Proficiency in playing musical instruments or singing with a blend of excellence, passion, and a desire to explore uncharted melodiesencompassing various genres and instruments. "Sight Reading" is NOT as beneficial to what we do as much as "Ear Training" and having a "feel for the flow" of where the Spirit is moving next!  (If you are not sure of what this means ... no worries.  You will pick this up under the anointing.)

- Experience in operating sound systems, lighting equipment, and visual projection for audio-visual technicians.

- Availability to attend weekly rehearsals and Sunday services and occassional events.

- While prior experience leading worship or performing in a faith-based setting is desired, what truly matters is your unwavering dedication and heartfelt expression to serve.

- Audio-Visual Technicians should possess a deep understanding of sound systems, projectors, lighting, and related technology to curate a truly captivating worship atmosphere.

- Collaboration skills, adaptability to various musical styles, and the ability to take direction from our worship leader are crucial.

- Prayer Warriors are MOST IMPORTANT to us!  If you feel the Spirit of the Lord nudging you in this direction .... reach out to us!

- Ushers and Greeters will be friendly, informed and helpful while having a certain "Inner Strength" when needed in addressing the fast-paced environment of Revival Services.  "Excellence in MInistry" is your goal because you represent not only New Harvest Revival Center ... but you are the first impressions that our Guests and Visitors will have of Who Jesus is! 

  • Some of the Benefits:

- You will grow in your calling in ways that you have never dreamed of before!  It is under the anointing that the Spirit of God will bless you with abilities that only come from being in His Presence!  We believe in "Excellence in Ministry", not "Perfection of Execution".  Perfection belongs solely to the Lord.

- Immerse yourself in a warm and supportive environment, where your unique talents are celebrated and utilized to make a lasting impact.

- Discover endless opportunities for personal and spiritual growth as you engage in worship and connect with a vibrant community.

- Become a pivotal part of an exhilarating new church endeavor, dedicated to transforming lives and fostering an unbreakable community spirit.

If you yearn to be a part of music that transcends boundaries and touch the hearts of countless individuals around the globe, we invite you to join our extraordinary endeavor!

Our music is unlike any other—crafted from the depths of our hearts and already embraced by Churches worldwide. (No boasting, just an awe-inspiring fact.) If you're tired of playing the same old playlists, and it's time for something fresh and invigorating, join us and experience the unbridled fluidity and freedom of expression that awaits you as we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords together!


Prepare to break free from the confines of tradition and embrace the fluidity and freedom of artistic expression in worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


If you feel called to serve through music, worship, or audio-visual production, we would love to hear from you!  To apply, kindly send us an email with your resume, a heartfelt statement of faith or personal testimony, and a brief statement/comment as to "What Worship Means to Me" to .


Please mention "Church Musician/Singer Application" or "Audio-Visual Technician Application" in the subject line. We eagerly await your application, as together, we embark on an unforgettable journey of worship and service!


Note: While we sincerely appreciate all applicants, we regret that only those shortlisted will be contacted for an interview. 


All inquiries will be treated with the highest levels of respect and confidentiality!


These are Volunteer, non-paid positions. This is not to say that “special blessings” will not be forth-coming but consider that there will not be any financial remuneration offered at this time.

As a new Church, we are beginning to develop Leadership positions in other ministries here at New Harvest Revival Center.  "Faithfulness" is important to us, and our Leaders will always have direct access to us, not matter how big the Church becomes!

If you are interested in being one of our trusted Intercesory Prayer Team Leaders, Security/Ushers Team Leaders, Home Group Bible Study Leaders, Christian Education Teachers/Leaders ... please reach out to us.  We'd love to talk with you in person!

Pastors Steven & Diana Wylie

New Harvest Revival Center

P.S. You can audition some of the songs that we have written "HERE".  Our songs are currently available in Song Select and the Lyrics and Chords are readily available.

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