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Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?

Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?

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Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?

"A Study of a Church-Buster Turned in to a Church-Builder"

(Fourth Edition)


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The Spirit of Jacob is a spirit of a heel holder or a supplanter.  Within a church, a Jacob spirit can create disaster and delays, bring about manipulations and generate a culture of selfishness filled with unfulfilled promises and broken commitments. 


It is through this spirit that a church can either be destroyed or blessed depending on how leadership handles a Jacob in their midst. 


Throughout Scripture we are given reference to God being the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.  If the spirit of Jacob were beyond redemption then there would never be a positive connection between God and Jacob. 


Jacob would not be elevated or presented favorably.  God would never allow Jacob to be within the lineage of Christ if this person were beyond transformation and utilization within the Body of Christ. 


It is impossible for a righteous and holy God to be linked to a destructive spirit.  God is morally pure and not sinful.  Habakkuk 1:13 tells us that,


“God eyes are purer than evil and God can’t even look on iniquity.”


Since God is associated with Jacob, there is more to Jacob’s story than simply being a spirit designed to usurp or supplant, trick, deceive, manipulate and disappoint.  The Spirit of Jacob represents a life that will either result in destruction or lead to great blessing.


What makes this ChurchBuster spirit so dangerous is that it can be hard to spot and identify.


  • Kingdom Principle: If you don’t know what you are looking FOR, then you may not know what you’re looking AT.


  • Kingdom Principle: Not by their gifts, but by their fruit you will know them.


This is Jacob’s ChurchBuster episode.



This 89 page Study Guide is excellent for both personal and group studies!  It consists of bite-sized sections that can be discussed in weekly group settings and segues nicely in to the following parts without disruption or forgetting what was studied the week before.


You will appreciate the “Kingdom Principles” that are dispersed throughout this Study Guide as well as the fully-documented Scripture quotes and sources that support the “storyline”.


At the end of the Study are a series of introspective, thought provoking questions that will help to stimulate not only your personal spiritual growth but will aid in leading a group discussion as well.  The author has also included several pages of lined “My Notes” where your comments and those “Ah-Ha!” moments can be written down!


This format is in .PDF so it can be printed out for individual use or directly off of your smart phone, ipad or laptop!