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Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?

Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?

Unveiling Jacob: From Deception to Redemption


Discover the captivating journey of Jacob, a master manipulator turned catalyst for change in the church community. Dive into the pages of this gripping fourth edition, aptly titled "Jacob the Deceiver: He Can Talk the Talk But Can He Walk the Walk?"


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Unveiling the enigmatic spirit of Jacob, known as the heel holder and supplanter, this study sheds light on the havoc and setbacks this spirit can unleash within a church. Brace yourself for tales of manipulation, unfulfilled promises, and broken commitments, as this spirit infuses a culture of selfishness. Yet, it is within the realm of leadership to determine whether the Jacob spirit brings destruction or blessings to the church.


In the tapestry of Scripture, we encounter references to God as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. If the spirit of Jacob were irredeemable, God would never have forged a positive connection with Jacob or elevated him within the lineage of Christ. After all, a righteous and holy God cannot be associated with a destructive spirit. As Habakkuk 1:13 reminds us, "God's eyes are purer than evil and cannot look upon iniquity."


Thus, Jacob's story extends far beyond his reputation as a usurper, trickster, deceiver, manipulator, and disappointer. The Spirit of Jacob represents a life that can lead either to ruin or incredible blessings.


Beware, for the ChurchBuster spirit of Jacob can be elusive and challenging to identify. Remember these vital Kingdom Principles: without knowing what to look for, you may not recognize what you're observing, and true character is revealed not through gifts but through the fruit borne.


Publisher's Note: This 100-page Study Guide is a treasure trove for personal and group studies alike! Its bite-sized sections are perfect for weekly group discussions, allowing for smooth transitions from one topic to the next. Immerse yourself in the "Kingdom Principles" seamlessly woven throughout the guide, supported by fully-documented Scripture quotes and sources that bolster the captivating storyline.


At the study's conclusion, delve into introspective, thought-provoking questions that will ignite personal spiritual growth and facilitate engaging group discussions. The author has thoughtfully provided lined "My Notes" pages, serving as a canvas for your own insights and "Ah-Ha!" moments.


Conveniently formatted in PDF, you can print it out for personal use or access it directly from your smart phone, iPad, or laptop, ensuring an immersive reading experience that fits your lifestyle.

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