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Moses: The Nursing Father ("Let My People Grow!")

Moses: The Nursing Father ("Let My People Grow!")

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Moses: The Nursing Father ("Let My People Grow!")

"A Study of Smothering Love and The Coming of Age"

(Fifth Edition)


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Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years in preparation for what God had for him.  He spent a lot of time with God.  But was he really ready to do what the LORD would be calling him to do?


Moses suffered from over-extension, self-reliance and did not trust others enough to delegate even menial tasks.  As a result, his ministry nearly died in its infancy.


His people were under the oppression of a spirit of slavery and it was difficult for them to trust in the LORD and looked to Moses as their leader and provider.


Moses wanted the best for his people, but even Moses had a hard time in “letting God be God”.  In spite of his short-comings and his nursing father mentality, Moses learned how to let God’s people grow and to experience not only the freedom of the Spirit but the consequences of their corporate and individual actions.


This is Moses – The Nursing Father ChurchBuster Episode.



This 84 page Study Guide is excellent for both personal and group studies!  It consists of bite-sized sections that can be discussed in weekly group settings and segues nicely in to the following parts without disruption or forgetting what was studied the week before.


You will appreciate the “Kingdom Principles” that are dispersed throughout this Study Guide as well as the fully-documented Scripture quotes and sources that support the “storyline”.


At the end of the Study are a series of introspective, thought provoking questions that will help to stimulate not only your personal spiritual growth but will aid in leading a group discussion as well.  The author has also included several pages of lined “My Notes” where your comments and those “Ah-Ha!” moments can be written down!


This format is in .PDF so it can be printed out for individual use or directly off of your smart phone, ipad or laptop! 

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