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Simon the Sorcerer: Merchandising the Anointing

Simon the Sorcerer: Merchandising the Anointing

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Introducing "Simon the Sorcerer: Merchandising the Anointing"


Unveil the gripping tale of Simon the Sorcerer as we embark on a profound exploration of counterfeit, conversion, conviction, and community in this remarkable fourth edition: "Simon the Sorcerer: Merchandising the Anointing."


The very fabric of Christianity is under siege, with cults setting their sights on the church. With unwavering clarity, this study reveals the insidious nature of both direct and indirect attacks on our faith. From lands where false gods reign supreme to the subtle allure of occult practices in the hearts of even well-intentioned Christians, the Spirit of Cult Worship aims to dismantle our churches from within.


Kingdom Principle: Commit unto faithful men who will be made able... not the other way around!


In the pursuit of spiritual growth, we are called to commit ourselves to those who embody faithfulness, enabling them to teach others in turn. This vital principle underscores the need for discipline, discipleship, and a servant's heart as we navigate the path designed by God Himself.


Simon, however, missed the mark. He sought to capitalize on the anointing, reducing it to a commodity for personal gain. His misguided assumption drew Peter's rebuke, for Simon believed that divine gifts could be purchased. Instead of embracing the sacrificial humility and servitude essential to spiritual growth, he yearned for power at his own convenience.


Premature promotion without true transformation leaves individuals ill-equipped to withstand the challenges of ministry. Merely altering one's words to cater to a Christian market, without allowing the Spirit of God to transform their nature, heart, and lifestyle, leads to perilous falls.


Tragically, some forsake their faith due to a lack of mentorship and discipleship, their advancement outpacing their spiritual maturity. Simon, if granted the power he coveted, would have been hindered in his ministry and personal growth.


Peter, discerning Simon's heart, recognized the dangerous desire for power greater than what he had relinquished. Simon sought to replace the genuine power of God with remnants of his former occult practices, longing to regain a sense of significance.


Kingdom Principle: Substitutions are not the real thing.


Within the church, we often substitute remorse for true repentance, traditions for divine commandments, and respectability for righteousness. While some may possess natural talents, they must be developed within the Kingdom, grounded in anointing. Passion, when mistaken for obedience, risks jeopardizing one's soul.


The evidence of genuine love for God lies in obedience to His Word. For Christ to be Lord of our lives, the Word of God must hold lordship within us.


Welcome to Simon's ChurchBuster episode, a captivating saga that challenges our assumptions, ignites introspection, and invites us to question our motives.


Publisher's Note:

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey with this enthralling 64-page Study Guide, designed for both personal reflection and group exploration. Bite-sized sections facilitate seamless weekly discussions, ensuring continuity and allowing profound insights to build upon one another.


Discover the invaluable "Kingdom Principles" interwoven throughout these pages, accompanied by meticulously documented Scripture quotes and sources that underpin the captivating storyline. Engage in introspective contemplation as you navigate thought-provoking questions, fostering personal and communal spiritual growth. The author has even provided lined "My Notes" pages, offering ample space to capture your own epiphanies and moments of revelation.


Available in convenient PDF format, this guide can be easily printed or accessed from your smart devices, empowering you to study wherever you are.


Unleash the power of "Simon the Sorcerer: Merchandising the Anointing" and prepare to deepen your understanding, transforming your spiritual journey in profound ways.

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