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I Want to Help!

I Want to Help!

(Most major credit cards are accepted. Price in US dollars will be automatically converted to your local currency.)


Thank you for your generous donation to La Viña de Gracia Christian Church!  (The "Crown" image depicted in the Product Display is ONLY a depiction and is not intended to represent a product or service gift in exchange for your donation.)





Because of your giving in 2022, we were able to spread the Word of God when it mattered most!  And we have already made big plans for 2023.


We know that the future isn’t always certain, but we’re hoping to do even MORE in this next year in our Church!


If you feel called to be a part of these goals, we invite you to participate with us in our 2023 Campaigns. Our hope is that your donation will help propel us forward into an even better year in 2023.


We have listed below our major Campaign Objectives and hope that you will consider giving monthly as well as one-time donations:



  • There is a need locally to help single-parent families as well as senior citizens with food, clothing and occasionally with some extra cash. The “welfare system” in Colombia is very different from the United States and does not provide much assistance in the way of housing, food, child services or medical services.
  • There is no government-sponsored “central food bank” from which we can obtain the food we want to distribute.  As a result, we often have to buy the food ourselves and then distribute it.
  • We need to purchase a truck that will allow us to pick-up and deliver food and clothing.
  • We simply cannot do this using "public transportation" (bus and taxis). The purchase for this vehicle is estimated at around $35,000.00 USD. ("Credit" is VERY expensive in Colombia and interest rates are around 30-35% APR.) 
  • A few years ago, in an effort to reduce air pollution the Mayor of Bogotá decided that it would be a good idea to restrict the use of cars and trucks in Bogotá as determined by the ending digit/number of the license plate (an odd-even day). The end result did not reduce pollution or vehicle use but instead drove up the cost of used cars and trucks to nearly that of new ones!
  • Colombian law does not allow for the importation of new/used trucks and cars.




  • We have determined that it will be necessary to buy a parcel of land in which we will be able to build a new Church facility. There are simply NO suitable/affordable buildings in the Bogotá/La Calera areas that will allow for the type of Sanctuary and facility space that the Church needs. (We cannot afford to go in to the commercial/industrial areas and we do not need a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse at this time!)



Once the Church has acquired its property, a “more permanent” facilities solution is to:

  • Level and Prepare the land for a Big Revival Tent, which is shown in the photo;
  • Lay-down a permeable cloth substrate that will allow water to pass through but not allow weeds to grow;
  • Roll-out and compact a layer of sub-surface material (such as sand-clay mixture);
  • Erect a Big Revival Tent as a semi-permanent meeting facility;
  • Install overhead lighting and sound system;
  • Build stage platform;
  • Connect electricity.
  • This semi-permanent Big Revival Tent will allow for future church growth as construction of a permanent facility is under way.


The cost benefits of a Big Revival Tent are:

  • Installation time is quick;
  • Tent has life expectancy of 30 years;
  • Tent can be used after completion of permanent facility construction;
  • Ten can be easily moved off-site and re-used;
  • Tent can be used to house Youth Rallies, Emergency Housing and Shelter, etc.
  • Cost of Tent is relatively low.


  • We have prayerfully determined that it will be necessary to design and build a new Church facility that will accommodate all of the ministries and worship needs that we have.
  • There are simply NO suitable/affordable buildings in the Bogotá/La Calera areas that will allow for the type of Sanctuary space that the Church needs and to provide for suitable parking facilities.
  • Most of the buildings were constructed during a time when a “smaller footprint” was considered the prudent thing to do, and city planning did not take in account the growing popularity of multi-car families and approved the construction of narrow streets and roads along with residential housing with either no-garages or smaller 1-car garages.
  • The style of construction was to use short spans in the ceilings (to minimize construction costs) but it meant that there would be large support pillars that limit view ability and serviceability as well as smaller floor space.


The typical American-style Church, with large parking lots and spacious sanctuaries and built-in commercial kitchens, are simply not found in Colombia.  Neither are the shopping center store fronts that are commonly used by churches in the United States.


In spite of the challenges, we serve a Mighty God and we know that He IS faithful! 


The needs of a growing Church may seem enormous ... but we serve an even BIGGER GOD than our needs!


We are all very excited to see what the Lord has been able to do with the support that you have given us these past several years!  We continue to minister to those in our local communities and encourage them to participate in these mission expansion efforts.


Your one-time gift is greatly appreciated as well as your recurring monthly pledges and support! Thank you for your consideration and participation.


In His Service,


Dr. Steven A Wylie, Senior Pastor

Pastor Diana Rodriguez-Wylie

Pastor Lori Needham

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